Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Heart of Worship

Hey Guys,

We bless God for this forum, where we can give and receive and ultimately be informed, edified and lifted to a higher place of Praise and Worship:

Below is something I have been working on. It forms part of a larger volume of work still under construction. I trust you will be blessed.


At the heart of worship are you and I.

I am my worship and you are your worship. Worship is not categorised in the tempo of a song, be it fast or slow. Worship is not a song. Worship is the expression of your heart to God. You can worship in a dance, a clap, a song, a roll. You can worship on your knees, lying prostrate. You can worship with your tears; you can worship with a shout, you can worship with your finance. These are all expressions of worship.

Worship and Praise are interchangeable in the word of God. However neither is used to represent the speed of the song or even a song at all. For the purpose of this discussion we will be focusing and making sole use of the word Worship as it specifically depicts a more intimate kind of worship to God.

The mandate of worship has been given to all born of the spirit. “But the hour is coming and now is when the true worshippers will worship the father…God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship in Spirit and truth” John 4:23-24.

Worship is and should be the life of a spirit filled Christian. It is non negotiable; it is not optional; it is compulsory. It naturally flows out of the heart of one who is daily and continually in fellowship and communion with God.

With this understanding it becomes easier to lay the foundation for this discussion.

Worship is not learnt it is lived. Nobody can teach you how to worship God because what drives my worship is different from what drives your worship.

Worship is born out of a relationship with God. It is the outward expression of a personal love and unabashed passion for God.

Before we can worship effectively we must understand who we are worshipping.

Who is the subject of your worship?
This is not a strange question to ask Christians, because there are many Christians in Church who are not worshipping God.

Worship is the highest level of commitment and devotion to something or someone. Worship borders on obsession you might even say. With this definition it is easy to see how worship can easily be directed at many things even within the Church that is not God.

LET ME SOUND THIS WARNING: GOD IS NOT YOUR CHURCH, YOUR SERVICE UNIT OR YOUR MINSITRY; HE IS GOD – A PERSON, YOUR FATHER, SAVIOUR AND CREATOR. In the same way time is given and devoted to church, service, ministry and family, time must of a necessity and utmost priority be given to God the person. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that your endless hours in Church, playing an instrument, singing in the choir, working in the sanctuary substitutes for the time you spend with God. Matthew 1:35 – “Jesus woke up while It was yet dawn…”

Many of us worship our leaders
Many of us worship our service units
Many of us worship our Church attendance
Many of us worship the reputation of our Church – worship by association

However Worship by its purpose and creation was solely designed to be directed and given to God. Only when our worship is directed at God, is it positioned to transport blessings into our lives and the lives of others.

However worship can be expressed through these avenues, in fact your commitment to God is many times reflected in your commitment to the things of God. However we must be careful how we court that boundary. The line can be very thin.

To be continued....

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