Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Story behind the Songs

Hello Guys...hope you've read the last post on 'Exploring Contemporary Praise and Worship'. If you haven't, please do. It would really expose you and hopeful challenge you to excellence.

As a music minister, I get to listen to a lot of songs and am constantly on the look out for songs for the choir/worship leaders. When I come across a really good song that blesses me, I love to research the original writer(s) of the song and also the story behind each song. It's always amazing discovering the deep stories behind each song. Some songs are birth out of people's personal experiences; some from a revelation in scripture or a sermon in church and others could be divine inspiration from God. Learning about the story behind the song really helps me connect with the song better and relate to the sentiments of the songwriter (s).

I'd like to encourage you as a worship leader to make it a habit of researching the story to a song. It will take your interpretation of songs to a whole new level in addition to making you an more effective worship leader.

Check out this video from Delirious, the group that originally wrote the song 'Majesty'. They are also the writers of 'I could sing of your love forever'.

Check this one out as well, the story behind 'How Great is our God'. If you are a contemporary worship leader and haven't heard about Chris Tomlin, you're probably in a different planet ....LOL.
Anyway, you'll most likely know the songs he's authored. He's the co-writer or writer of  'How Great is our God', 'Indescribable', 'Forever (Give thanks to the Lord)', 'Holy is the Lord', 'I know who I am', 'God of this city' and many other great songs that have blessed touches around the world in the past few years.

Finally, check out the story behind 'Everlasting God'; written by Brenton Brown, who is also the writer of 'Lord Reign in me'.

Let me know what you think about these song stories and research your favourite worship songs.



  1. Very inspiring. I do wish now that i could write a song. I've never really made any significant attempt at writing a song. I've often thought i don't have the gift. Would you consider writing a song a gift or a skill that one could develop as acquiring musical knowledge?

  2. @KachyKool- There are three sides to it with any gift from God, just like singing. Firstly, some people are uniquely divine gifted. They don't have to put any effort to it.It just flows with them. Some people have the deposit of it and can build on it with work. Some people are weak at it and have to really really work at it if they are to deliver something great.
    But the important thing is that we can pray to God to anoint us with the gift. We can learn the art if we have a passion for it. But in any case, if it God needs it for His assignment, He'll engrace us with the gift.
    Bless you