Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Welcome to Levites Talk

Hello Guys,
Welcome to this new blog 'Levites Talk'. It originally came about as a development programme for our praise and worship leaders. But we thought it would be quite beneficial to everyone. 'Levites Talk' is an opportunity to develop, challenge and inspire every member of the choir who values their assignments as Levites to a greater level of excellence. Though a major portion of the blogs here will be devoted to current and potential praise leaders, there will definitely be something for everyone. Because of our church's vision to be relevant in the world around us, the choir now assumed a greater role because music is a major language in every contemporary world. If you sincerely desire to grow vocally, musically and in your calling as a Levite and enjoy the process this blog will prove helpful to you. It's going to be very practical and fun. Therefore visit this space constantly to learn new stuff and to read what you've already read. Myself and others will be contributing to this blog.

Please make valuable use of this opportunity. We're encouraging everyone to make use of the 'COMMENTS SECTION'. Please add your name as you make contributions, ask questions and let's hear what you think about each post. Let's have a great conversation as we grow together. I'll be happy to answer questions asked. 

Welcome on board guys...enjoy the ride....


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